basal metabolic rate


People who stay active want to keep fit, feel happy, manage their weight and get into shape.
You’ve probably heard people say that you are what you eat. And that applies to athletes
more than anyone else.
What do you know about nutrition and calories? Getting your diet right can help you
manage your weight and improve your performance and recovery. Once you know your
resting metabolic rate, you can feed the data into your nutrition and training planning. The
resting metabolic rate is the number of calories your body burns in 24 hours while you’re at
rest. In simple terms, that means it underpins everything else.

How does it work?

Your resting metabolic rate is assessed via a breathing test, with the concentration of oxygen
measured to determine your resting metabolic rate. The volume of carbon dioxide released
compared to the volume of oxygen consumed gives you the respiratory quotient (RQ). It
indirectly indicates what is being metabolised – sugar or fat. This is important information
for anyone trying to lose or gain weight. A resting metabolic rate test takes around
20 minutes.
After the test, we’ll discuss the results and work out your personalised nutrition strategy
based on your current status and your goal.

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What do you get?

Resting metabolic rate test at CHF 115, including:

  • Discussion about goals
  • Resting metabolic rate test
  • Metabolism analysis
  • In-depth discussion