In this modern world, it’s so important to be as efficient and focused as possible when making a plan for all the challenges we each face. That includes balancing work and home life and working towards our fitness goals. After all, time is precious and in short supply. I use the TrainingPEAKS app for training plans to make your life easier. Your online training plan works like personal training because it’s tailored to you. We’ll factor in your goals, strengths, weaknesses, availability, experience and more. Your training plan in TrainingPEAKS will act like a personal trainer in your pocket. Your training data will be uploaded automatically to the training tool so you can track your performance, your activity and your personal progress at all times. I’ll provide you with feedback based on this data andwe’ll achieve your goals step by step.

Performance diagnostics

A good training plan doesn’t come out of thin air. We need to run some diagnostics to start with, to see what level you’re already at. This makes sense wherever you are on your fitness journey. The test – either in a lab setting or out and about – will help us pick up on minor points that might make all the difference. We can see what needs improving and target your training plan to make it happen. Depending on your health and fitness journey, it might also make sense to have a medical check-up. I work with SportClinic in Zurich so you can have your health and fitness assessed all at once – and with me by your side.


I’ll create a personalised training plan to suit you and your goals. You’ll notice that I don’toffer complicated coaching packages. That’s because I focus fully on exactly what you need from me as your coach. My price will vary depending on what your goal is and how much training it’s going to take to achieve it, as well as your level of experience and other requests. I don’t set any limits on our contact like some other coaches do. And we can communicate in any way you choose – so it’ll always be quick and easy for you to get hold of me.

Your training plan includes the following as standard:

  •  IPersonalised training plan based on the latest methods and scientific knowledge
  • 24/7 access to your training plan on the TrainingPEAKS app
  • Unlimited contact
  • Analysis of performance tests and competitions
  • Personalised seasonal and competition planning
  • Answers to any questions about the areas you’re focusing on
  • Nutrition advice
  • No minimum contract term
  • Option to cancel at the end of each month


Personalised training plans starting at CHF 166 per month (including TrainingPEAKS profile)
Health and fitness checks starting at CHF 320.